Chhim Sothy

Chhim Sothy – painter

Studio: No. 91 Eo, Rue 109, Group 49, Mittapheap, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodge
Tel: (855) -12 832 228

c-sothy-portraitBorn 1969 in Svayrieng, Kandal Province, Chhim Sothy studied at the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, where he graduated in 1995. In 1995 he worked as designer for the Sofitel Cambodiana Hotel. He was designer and artistic director for the project “Renaissance des Art Khmer” 1995-1996, and for Chanteir Ecoles de Formation Professionelle in Siem Reap, 1996-1997.

Mr. Sothy worked in the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts 1998-1999, where his work included landscape and furniture design. In 1999 he worked on a project with UNESCO dealing with traditional forms of Khmer art.

Chhim Sothy’s style reflects traditional sources combined with contemporary elements. Recently he has tried breaking away more from his training, and is comfortable with what he calls his ‘new’ Cambodian style. particularly interested in meaning, he often depicts Buddhist themes or scenes from the Ramayana.

His works can be found in Cambodian collections as well as in France and Japan. He was chosen by ASEAN in 2000 to represent Cambodia. Most recently his work was published in Asian Art News, January-February, 2001.


chhim-war-1975-79Cambodia: 1975-79, watercolor and ink on paper, 1996
c-sothy-apsaraApsara in Motion, acrylic on board, 1998, 18″x23″
c-sothy-favoritesThe Favorites, guache on canvas, 2000, 15.25″x18″
c-sothy-untitledUntitled, acrylic on board, 2000, 20″x27″
c-sothy-ham-savannmacchaHanuman and Sovann Machha, acrylic on canvas, ca. 2000, 30″x50″, Collection Phnom Penh Airport
c-sothy-reflectionsRamayana Reflections, guache on canvas, 2000, 13.5″x11.5″, Private Collection
c-sathy-guardiansGuardians of the Universe, natural pigments, China ink on canvas, 2001, 28″x47″
chhim-traditional-500Traditional Dancers, n.d., on silk, 152×103 cm(published – Asian Art News, Vol. 11, #1, January/February 2001, p. 53)

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